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The Beer

Richly Layered with Flavour and History

Tynt Meadow. An English Trappist ale richly layered with flavour and history.

In a world promulgated with craft and mass-produced beer, Tynt Meadow stands apart. As a not-for-profit brewery, we are blessed to be able to create our beer in an environment free from commercial pressure and consideration. Integrity to process, quality and community are the fundamental pillars that guide our production.

The result of that production is a unique, dark ale that settles in secondary fermentation and refines with age. History provides its story. Commitment to quality makes it an unsurpassed ale. Time imbues an evolution in flavour. The work brings us fulfilment.

The result is Tynt Meadow.

Tynt Meadow bottle and empty glass on table
Tynt Meadow bottle and empty glass on table

Tynt Meadow

Trappist beers are typically named after the place in which the monastery is situated. Our humble dark ale is named ‘Tynt Meadow’, to honour the link with the plot of land on which monastic life was re-founded here in the Midlands almost two centuries ago.

Tynt Meadow is a mahogany-coloured ale with a subtle red hue and lasting beige head. It carries intriguing hints of dark chocolate and liquorice with underlying notes of dried fruit. The beer is full-bodied yet lightly balances the taste of dark chocolate, roast coffee, pepper, hazelnut, and fig.

Time imparts Tynt Meadow with gentle evolutions in its character. It will continue to develop with age. Its forward presence of cacao and fruit give way to lighter, tarter plum flavours of longer length as the ale reaches a heightened level of sophistication. Its smooth yet layered mouthfeel leaves a warm, dry finish on the palate.

As part of a humble centuries-old Trappist brewing tradition, we’ve chosen to produce a strong dark ale in the time-honoured style of our order, but one with a clearly English character. Tynt Meadow is brewed with English barley and hops, using an English strain of yeast. It is twice-fermented, with the first fermentation taking place in the tank, and the second in the bottle.

It should be stored in a cool, dark, quiet place.

The Revival

In a recipe lost to time lay the seed of a modern revival.

Evidence exists of ale making at Mount Saint Bernard in the 19th century. Like many monastic communities, beer would have been used for hygiene (table beer) purposes in the course of daily life.

In the 21st century, with the decline of farming as a form of self-sustenance for our community, Mount Saint Bernard’s brewing tradition was revived. Our journey from farmers to brewers was not straight forward. A cow produces milk more readily than hops and barley will yield ale.

The monks of Norcia, Westvleteren, Saint-Wandrille, and Zundert were generous in supporting our change in endeavour, providing access to their decades of experience brewing their own ales. We’ve received invaluable advice from other Trappist breweries and invaluable support from the International Trappist Association.

Several local brewers have also generously donated their expertise to assist us in using an ancient recipe to bring forth a revived ale for a new century.

Cistercian Monk blessing bottles of Tynt Meadow

Trappist Ales

Trappist Ales descend from a long monastic brewing tradition that traces its origins to Europe in the Middle Ages. From its origins as ‘table beer’ – consumed as an alternative to contaminated water – today Trappist Ales are produced exclusively in Europe, and at Mount Saint Bernard Trappist Brewery.

Ale can only be called ‘Trappist Ale’ if;

• All products must be made within the immediate surroundings of the abbey;

• Production must be carried out under the supervision of the monks or nuns;

• Profits should be intended for the needs of the monastic community, for purposes of solidarity within the Trappist Order, or for development projects and charitable works.

Across the arc of the centuries during which beer has been made by Trappists, recipes and methods remain a closely guarded secret of the monks at each monastery. Passed from generation to generation, each ale shares a common heritage yet is distinctly unique.

Trappist Ale is unique to the Trappist monastic communities that make it, with accreditation tightly controlled by the International Trappist Association. The ITA provides quality, accreditation, and supplementary services to twenty Trappist monasteries throughout the world, twelve of which are active in brewing.

Mount Saint Bernard Trappist Brewery is the only producer of Trappist Ale in England.

Cistercian Monk blessing bottles of Tynt Meadow

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